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Miner Tank

  • Platform: Android
  • Release Date: 2017 December 12

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Combat is turn based. You have 4 action buttons: Energy recharge, Shield recharge and 2 lasers (which drain your energy) . Each time you recharge your energy, the enemies in range will have their turn to fire at you.

Locate mining sites using your map. At these sites you can harvest resources required to upgrade your modules. You can auto travel to mining and combat(mission) sites. There is a chance you will be intercepted while using auto travel. You can also use manual travel on the map for shorter distances. Enemies may also spawn on the map while manual navigation.

Your tank has several modules including 2 lasers, power, energy, shield and mining. The amount you can equip or upgrade modules at any time depends on the output of your power module, so it is a good idea to upgrade this first. Upgrade and use modules which best suits your play style.

Updates Coming Soon

Bug fixes and optimization, balancing, new weapons and modules, new enemies, improvements to mining system and new resources, graphics improvements.


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