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Minefield Robot

  • Platform: Android
  • Release Date: 2018 May

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Minefield Robot is a top-down view puzzle game which tests your memory and spatial skills. Complete each level by navigating to the objective zone. Avoid mines using your memory of their location and your robot's radar. Each level is randomly generated, meaning there are an endless amount of these spatial puzzles you can have fun solving.

The start area is always on the left side (always at the same X position). The objective end area is always on the right side (at the same X position). The Y position of both areas is always randomly generated. You have a limited amount of Robots. One will be destroyed each time you hit a mine. You will restore them if you reach the end of a level, and can increase your maximum capacity by completing more levels. See how many levels you can complete before you run out of Robots!


Minefield Robot Screenshot 1 Minefield Robot Screenshot 2 Minefield Robot Screenshot 3