Here are some apps we have planned for future development. The list and names may change.

Ranger Map

This is a positioning tool which uses the Android internal sensors. Custom positions and distances will show on the map with lines drawn between your start and end positions. We may implement interaction with Google Maps. Other features may include zoom, target locations and a speed calculator. It should be useful for a wide range of purposes in the field including science, health, security and simply not getting lost as easily.

Economica Account Manager

A financial / account manager. Keep track of your finances. Add inputs and outputs in the form of income, bills, sales and more. Suitable for both personal and business use. We intend to make this app simple and fast to use. A customizable interface will also be added. There are a lot of similar managers already out there so if you have some ideas how we can make this one more unique, please let us know.

Blitz Planner

The goal of this app is to provide a utility for creating graphical plans in a very fast and intuitive way. For example, using template data structures, customizable symbols and data, you can create a simple but informative plan with just a few interactions.